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  Every blog owned by TROWCO under the management of its founder, Timothy Rowland, offers two sponsorship options for each blog.  Get your company or website in front of thousands of visitors each and every month with only the best placements available. Once each sponsorship slot is filled, the sponsorship options for this blog will be closed. 

Sponsorship benefits are well beyond what standard blog owners will ever offer. Be sure to jump on this opportunity while it is still available. Get it before your competition does.  The monthly sponsorship amount will be based on the individual company. A custom offer will be created and negotiated upon. We feel it is only fair to base the sponsorship amount on how the potential profit of your business. 

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Platinum Sponsorship

*Sponsor the Whole Blog*

Platinum Sponsor Benefits:

  • Header banner placement
  • Small promotional video or square banner placement at top of sticky sidebar
  • One dedicated SEO optimized 1500-word post a month with your links, including VS posts suggesting company over competition
  • “Platinum Sponsorship By” link on top of About Us page, category pages,  and site footer
  • No links, banners or other promotion for companies, products, or services in direct competition with Platinum sponsor. If any are present; they will be removed.
  • Cost of sponsorship will never increase, regardless of the growth level of the blog and its traffic

Gold Sponsorship

*Sponsor an Individual Post*

Gold Sponsor Benefits:

  • Banner placement above content
  • One dedicated SEO optimized 1500-word post with company link and information OR choose an existing post to sponsor
  • “Gold Sponsorship By” link in post footer
  • Cost of sponsorship will never increase, regardless of the growth level of the blog and its traffic
  • Please note: We do not accept offers from Russia or China.

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