Is lasik worth it reddit

Is lasik worth it reddit

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Is Lasik worth it Reddit?

Of course, Lasik is worth it on Reddit. Because there are many people who visit Reddit and they also trust it. Many people ask on Reddit about Lasik and they want to know more about Lasik’s operation. Related article click here

Here is some information about Lasik

Corneal refractive surgery is indicated from 18 years of age onwards, as it is from that age onwards that degree stabilization usually occurs. In some cases, it is recommended to wait until reaching 21 years of age.

Generally, you need to have a variation of fewer than 0.50 degrees in a year. However, when the person has more than six degrees, it is recommended to wait not only for this stability but also to be 21 years of age, as a late progression of degree can occur in these cases.

Is the surgery performed with a laser?

Is the surgery performed with a laser

Yes, it is laser-made. In patients at Clinica Canto, Excimer is used, a high-precision laser that remodels the cornea to correct the grade, using two techniques: PRK and LASIK, in which a second type is also used. a laser called femtosecond for making a flap in the cornea. The choice of technique will depend on the evaluation of the cornea (curvature and thickness) and the patient’s grade.

Does the surgery take too long? Does it cause any pain?

The surgery usually lasts between 12 to 16 minutes per eye and is performed under topical anesthesia (anesthetic eye drops). Effective laser treatment for grade correction takes a few seconds. The surgery itself is painless. In the postoperative period of the first days, the patient may experience some discomfort such as burning, tearing, and sensitivity to light.

How long after the surgery can I return to my normal activities?

It is usually possible to return to normal activities after seven days, but it depends on the technique used in the surgery. When the procedure is performed using the PRK technique, the patient tends to have more pain and sensitivity to light in the first three days, and vision takes about seven days to improve, when it is possible to return to routine activities. On the other hand, when the LASIK technique is used, visual discomfort is less and visual recovery is faster. And can be noticed on the day after surgery. In both cases, complete healing occurs within one to four months, when visual quality is fully established.


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