How to update madden 17 roster

How to update madden 17 roster

Hello friends, today I will try to present you with some new information. We have received many emails and texts about “how to update madden 17 roster?”. So we decided to let you know about new things, so let’s find out.

How to update madden 17 roster?

I wanted to give you guys a quick little tip on how to update your madden 17 rosters. So that you can have all of the offseason moves from all of the rookies that were just drafted. They’re all already on the teams and you can bring them into franchise mode.

I believe you can also use them in the connected franchise’ you can’t play regular head-to-head with them. But you can get all the updated teams like I said if you’re playing franchise mode if you’re doing connected franchises. And stuff like that so all you have to do is you go over here to customize your want to go to share and manage files.

2nd Step

Then you want to go to download community files which is the first option. And then you’re going to want to let these loads gonna take a second to load and then you’re going to just scroll over until you get under dl which is for downloads at the X button on Xbox or the square button on ps4 to sort them by downloads.

You could take either of these um either of these at the top it doesn’t matter. But they’re gonna you know these are the two most downloaded files.

And you’re going to have all the rookies and all the new pretty much everything that all the guys that were moved in free the agency.

3rd step

So you just want to click on that click download file. It’s going to take you to know a few seconds won’t take too long.

You’re just going to want to wait to give it a couple seconds, not everything that goes through says download complete.

You see the loading at the bottom on the screen let that finish ok now that’s done now we can back out.

And then you want to go to load and delete files then you want to hit the right bumper to move over to rosters and the file you’ll see it says 2017 real so you want to click on that yes you want to load that file loaded successfully.

Now if you back out you can go look at the rosters now and you’ll notice that everything is now updated you see we’re at the Saints.

Here we go to the running backs we have

Here we go to the running backs we have

Adrian Peterson on the Saints if you go to the Raiders you got Marshawn Lynch on the Raiders. If you go to the Patriots Brandon cooks is on the Patriots let’s see what else if we go to the Jaguars we have Leonard fournette.

So you know what the big rookie sensation they’re the Jets you’ll see we have Jamal Adams so all the rosters are updated you can take this into your franchise mode and you know if you know can’t wait for Madden 18 and you kind of want to start now.


So I figured I just drop a quick little tip for you guys so y’all can update your rosters easily and so if you enjoyed this article just drop a comment.

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