How to uninstall Technic launcher

How to uninstall Technic launcher

Many people nowadays like to play games and they use different types of software to play these games. One of them is using Technic launcher software so that they can easily install and play different types of games.

As always, we have tried to give you new information. In this article, we have discussed “how to uninstall technic launcher?”

How to uninstall Technic launcher?

As easy as this software is to use, it is very difficult to uninstall. This software does not want to be uninstalled easily because it is not just software.

It is a process through which all the data is stored in a folder. In order to delete or uninstall this software, you must first find the folder in which your user data or installed data is stored.

To find the folder where the installed data is stored, all you have to do is go to Windows C drive and click on the “User” folder, then you can see the AppData>Roaming of Technic launcher, then delete the entire file from there. That’s it.

If we decide to disable a launcher from our smartphone, just follow a few simple steps that you will find below to make the execution operational.

But let’s start by first explaining what a launcher is. Let’s go in order. Buying an Android smartphone you will find inside it a different interface depending on the manufacturer of the phone you have purchased.

Each brand, therefore, has a distinctive design typical of the company. By downloading a launcher from the online store, however, it will be possible to customize the phone to our liking.

In short, if you want a phone tailored to your needs, this app can be right for you. But what if you are tired of what you have? Simple. Here are all the steps to disable a launcher.

What is a Launcher

A launcher is a fundamental tool for Android owners who want to customize the interface of their smartphone.

From the transition effects between the screens to the number of icons that will be possible to arrange in each window, the system will allow you to choose almost every aesthetic aspect of your phone.

There are many launchers both free and paid that give, depending on what we select, the opportunity to have a greater number of graphics and mutable settings to our liking.

How to use a launcher

How to use a launcher

To take advantage of a launcher, simply download the one you have chosen from the many available in the online store and activate it.

From here, green light for your creativity. If you are a beginner, you can choose a more basic one, in which the levels of customization are more basic.

If, on the other hand, you are more experienced, there are some with very advanced degrees of customization.

And you will able to completely change the face of your smartphone. If, after some use, you want to go back to the manufacturer’s settings or, more simply, you want to change the launcher, don’t worry. Just turn it off, just like a normal application. Work done.

How to disable a launcher

If after a while your new graphics have bored you, that’s no problem. In case you want to give the phone a new imprint, by modifying the interface again, you simply have to deactivate the launcher you had previously installed and choose a new one.

To do this, just behave as you usually do to delete unused applications. Here are all the – elementary – steps to follow.

  • Go to the home screen of the device, and look for the Settings icon.
  • Now select the Applications item and enter Manage Applications.
  • From here, you will now see all the installed launchers and, after identifying what you want to disable you can just make a touch on Delete default.
  • Voila, that’s it. Now, by installing a new launcher you can give a new look to your device.


We’ve looked at the reasons and how to fix them. I hope you like it and if you have any new questions you can let us know by commenting.

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