How to remove sim card from galaxy s8

How to remove sim card from galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phones have become very popular nowadays. Many people use this mobile but they do not understand how to add or remove SIM cards.

This article is for them. Do you have a new Samsung galaxy s8 mobile or don’t know how to add the SIM card to your mobile?

It is a simple process, but it can be complicated if it is the first time you have a Samsung mobile, that is, it does not have a back cover. In this article, I tell you to step by step “How to remove sim card from galaxy s8?”

How to remove sim card from galaxy s8?

First, find the SIM tray remover lead. It usually comes in the box, along with the instruction sheets or in a small bag. If you don’t have it, you can use the end of a paper clip or an earring.

Of course, make sure that the tip is not very thin or pointed, to avoid breaking and leaving parts inside. Don’t use wooden toothpicks either.

Now, locate the tray to add the SIM cards. They are usually on the sides or in the upper area. Look well and make sure it has the path of the tray since you could mistake the hole for a microphone and damage it when you insert the extractor key. If you can’t find it, check the quick start manual for where it is located.

To remove it, follow the same steps: with the extractor key, open the tray through the hole, remove the slot with your hand and turn the tray over. Push gently with your finger until the SIM card drops. Do not use the key, as it could scratch the SIM pins.

Pull out the tray to insert the SIM

Pull out the tray to insert the SIM

It is important to always have a mobile with the screen facing up. Once located, insert the key into the hole and press lightly. You will see that the tray is removed.

Put down the key and carefully remove the tray with your hand. Some Samsung mobiles include up to 3 zones for SIM and micro SD cards. You just have to look at the text on the tray. Mark the hole for each SIM or micro SD card.

If you only have one card, put it in tray number 1. It has to fit perfectly. If it doesn’t fit, don’t include it in the micro SD slot. If it is too small, do not try to hook it either, as you could damage the terminal. The SIM should always be with the pin area down.

Once it is positioned and seated correctly, reinsert the tray into the slot. You just need to place and push carefully with your finger, until you hear a ‘click’ and see that the screen asks you for the PIN code.

Last words

We always write articles to present new information. We always try to present new information to people. In this article, we have highlighted how to remove a sim card from the Samsung galaxy mobile.

I hope you like it and if you have any new questions you can let us know by commenting.

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