How many tattoos does Joey Fatone have

As of right now, Joey has 17 tattoos. One is on his arm and the other is on his wrist.

I’m always trying to find new ways to get tattoos, but I never seem to have the time or money. This is why I was so excited when Joey Fatone from NSYNC revealed on his social media accounts that he had 17 tattoos.

It turns out that he’s been adding a tattoo every year since 2003 and this year marks the first time he has hit double digits in terms of ink on his body.

1. Joey Fatone is a singer and dancer who was in the band NSYNC
2. He has 17 tattoos, including his name on his arm
3. His favorite tattoo is one that says “Believe” across his chest
4. His least favorite tattoo is the word “Faith” on his wrist because he doesn’t really believe in it anymore
5. The most painful part of getting a tattoo for him was when he got an outline done around the letters of his first name.

Joey Fatone’s Tattoos

Joey Fatone is a former member of NSYNC, and he has tattoos all over his body. He’s had tattoos since the age of 16, but they became more visible after he lost weight in 2011.

His chest tattoo says “always love,” which was dedicated to his daughter. His arm tattoo says “love life,” and represents how important it is for him to enjoy every day.

5 Tattoos Name Joey Fatone Body

1. Joey Fatone’s rabbit tattoo

Joey Fatone's rabbit tattoo

Many people are not aware of the rabbit tattoo that Joey Fatone has on his left arm. The tattoo is a tribute to one of Fatone’s favorite childhood books, Watership Down written by Richard Adams.

In the book, there is a character named Fiver who has visions. He dreams about a field with rabbits living together peacefully and was inspired to get the tattoo.

2. Superman tattoos

Superman tattoos

Superman tattoos are a way to show your love for the character and stand out from the crowd. The tattoo artist will use a variety of techniques to create an image that is unique to you, but there are some basic guidelines that should be followed.

3. Inner lip tattoo

Inner lip tattoo

The inner lip tattoo is a body modification that is increasing in popularity. It can be done on its own or it can also be combined with other types of tattoos such as eyebrows, lips, and even hairline tattoos.

The procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete and the cost ranges from $200-$2,000 depending on how many colors are used.

This article will explore why people choose this type of tattoo as well as what you should know before getting one yourself.

4. Tattoos dedicated to his daughter

Tattoos dedicated to his daughter

Joey Fatone’s tattoos are a dedication to his daughter. He has her name, Joline, tattooed on the inside of his right arm and he also has a tattoo that says “Daddy’s Girl” on the outside of his left bicep.

Joey said this is not where he wanted to get them done but it was the only place with enough room for both tats. The tattoos were done by artist Dan Smith at Tattoo Junkies in Hollywood, CA.

5. Barcode tattoo

Barcode tattoo

After many years of being in the spotlight, Joey Fatone has decided to get a barcode tattoo on his arm. This is not an uncommon thing for people who have been famous for a long time. The tattoos are typically used as reminders.

Add more than 12 tattoos here Joey Fatone’s body here.

Who is Joey Fatone?

Joey Fatone is a singer, dancer, actor, and reality TV star who became famous as part of the American boy band N’Sync.

After he left the group in 2002, he joined Dancing with the Stars for 10 seasons as a celebrity contestant and judge.

He’s also been on Broadway three times, starred in numerous movies, and had his own show called “My Family Recipe Rocks.”

Stories and Meanings Behind Joey Fatone’s Tattoos

Stories and Meanings Behind Joey Fatone's Tattoos

Joey Fatone is best known for being the youngest member of NSYNC. He has been in the entertainment industry since he was a child and has had an interesting life so far.

Recently, Joey opened up about his tattoos on Instagram with pictures of them. In this blog post, I will go over some of Joey’s tattoos and their meanings to him.


Does JC have 17 tattoos?

You might have seen JC with a tattoo on his left arm and wondered if he has more than the one that you can see. Well, it turns out that he does in fact have 17 tattoos total.

The number 17 is significant to him because of his daughter’s birthday. If you’ve been wondering how many tattoos JC has, now you know.

How many tattoos does JC Chasez have?

JC Chasez has 17 tattoos, one on his ribcage and the other on his forearm. He got his first tattoo when he was 18 years old in order to rebel against his father’s strict religious beliefs.

The second tattoo is of a heart with wings breaking through a chain-link fence and it symbolizes JC breaking free from any limitations or boundaries that keep him from being who he wants to be.

What celebrities have 17 tattoos?

The celebrities with 17 tattoos are Joey Fatone, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Miley Cyrus.

Does JC tattoo?

Yes, JC does tattoo. In the first episode of Ink Masters, he was seen giving his apprentice a tattoo. He has also been seen doing tattoos on other shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink. So JC is clearly a talented artist who specializes in all things ink.

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