Best Tripod For BMPCC 4k

Best tripod for bmpcc 4k

Being a product widely used by both professionals and amateurs on the market. It is possible to find an infinite number of different models, some mainly suitable for photography, others designed for video cameras. In this article, you will know how to choose the best tripod for bmpcc 4k.

Best tripod for bmpcc 4k

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and Manfrotto 502AH are the best. A tripod is a tool very useful for those who delight in photography. With this accessory, it is possible to limit to a minimum micro-vibrations that occur shooting freehand and get shots precise and perfect focus.

We remind you that the shape of the legs must also be taken into consideration. It is in fact possible to find tripods with single or double tube legs. Both types can be used in the photographic sector, while we mainly recommend the double tube tripod to shoot video.

Choosing factors for the Best tripod for bmpcc 4k

Tripod body

The first factor to consider when choosing a tripod is related to the structure, specifically the body of the device.

Those looking for a tripod in fact immediately realize that there are different types of “legs”. Each corresponds to specific needs. Before observing in detail the most common tripod bodies.

Tripod head

The second fundamental component of the tripod is the head. This term means the upper part of the accessory, above which the camera must be positioned. The first difference to make is between the tripods that allow you to remove the head.

And, therefore, replace it and those that have a single body. The first type is certainly the best. The possibility of removing the head implies greater versatility.

Ball head

The ball head is perhaps the type most common. It appears as a support with a hub in the form of the sphere which connects the camera to the tripod.

The main feature of this head is that it allows you to make multiple movements. It is indeed possible to argue that with this support the camera can rotate 360 °

Three-way head

The head in three movements presents double support with two handles that allow you to adjust the amplitude of the angles.

This type of head is very similar to that used by directors for professional video cameras. The strong point of this head is in fact to allow a very stable fixed frame, despite the lower versatility.

Rack head

Therefore, the rack head combines the two main advantages of the other two heads: framing stability and the possibility of adjusting width and inclination in a millimeter way. This makes this head very suitable for those looking for a tripod to use both in the studio and outdoors

Load capacity

The third factor to keep in mind when choosing a tripod is how much weight it can handle. This feature must be carefully evaluated based on your photographic equipment. If you have a compact, light, and poorly equipped camera, you will not need a tripod with a very large load capacity.

On the contrary, if you have an important camera, with interchangeable lenses and various accessories you will need a tripod that can hold a heavier weight


Another technical feature to consider when choosing the tripod is the maximum height and the minimum height of the accessory. This value is quite important and at the same time is closely related to your needs and the type of use you will make of the tripod.

The professionals in the photographic industry argue that the ideal tripod should reach the ‘ height of the eyes: in this way, it will be possible to realize natural shots and frame the subject perfectly.

In many cases, however, we need the tripod to create particular shots, which are difficult to achieve freehand, such as those from above or those at a very close distance.


The last factor to take into consideration is related to the materials that make up the tripod: we have chosen to consider this element as a fundamental factor because the metal used affects both the rigidity of the product and the weight.

The most common materials are aluminum and carbon fiber. The first metal is characterized by higher weight and greater flexibility, while the second is lighter but less flexible.

The price is also different: aluminum tripods are cheaper and most common, while the tripod in carbon fiber is more expensive and used primarily in the professional field. If you want a studio tripod you can easily choose an aluminum model.

Other factors to keep in mind when choosing a tripod

Does the price matter?

The prices of tripods vary substantially, due to the variety of models available on the market and considering that photography is now a very popular hobby, you can find products belonging to all price ranges.

If you are not a professional photographer but still want to buy a quality product, we recommend choosing tripods that have a high versatility so that you can take full advantage of them in different situations.

The price of these models is between 70 and 200 dollars: a mid-range therefore, suitable for those who want something resistant and reliable. Those looking for a professional tripod must spend figures much higher.

It starts from 200 dollars and even reaches a few thousand euros. Therefore, our advice is to choose not based on price but based on your needs: only in this way will you be sure that you have purchased a product that is right for you.

Is the brand important?

As with other types of products, even compared to tripods it is possible to find many different brands. The most famous manufacturer is certainly Magnus, Manfrotto excellence that has been a leader in the photographic equipment sector since the seventies. In general, almost all companies that deal with cameras also produce tripods.

This certainly represents a guarantee, especially for those who are already familiar with these brands. Since the tripod is support that must withstand very expensive camera equipment. It is essential to buy a quality product.


We, therefore, advise against relying on unknown or foreign brands. These brands may use materials that are not very resistant or provide incomplete or false information. Hope you understand how to choose the best tripod for bmpcc 4k. Please leave a comment below.

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